Novel Industrial Groups fully understands one of the biggest challenges that the hotel industry in Ethiopia faces, which is luck of quality, affordable and aesthetically appealing hotel amenities manufacturers locally. We know that the majority of the hotels are forced to buy bulk products at higher cost using their hard-earned foreign currency. The time it takes to bring the products, the process of importing them, shipping, storing and handling of these bulk products, finding reliable supplier, and its staggering cost creates a huge burden to almost all of the hotels here in Ethiopia.

Novel Industrial Groups came in handy to solve all these problems that local hotels face. We take great pride in creating unique, very sophisticated, and appealing products that benefit your valuable customer, your hotel as well as our environment.

We greatly understand that providing exceptional hotel amenities evokes a sense of quality and sophistication and highly improves the brand value of a hotel, that is why we are very determined in designing and creating a product that uniquely represents your brand and set you apart from the rest of your competitors

In this digitalized world, your guests are your most powerful marketing tool or your biggest detractors, therefore every product and services you provide to your guests should be to the standard of your hotel rating, and your customers’ expectations anything less will cost you a lot.

When convincing new customers to stay in your hotel, the quality of amenities you are offering is considered one of the most influential factors alongside the price and indeed your rating.

We at Novel Industrial Group will help you to provide the best service to your guests by supplying you with thoughtfully crafted hotel amenities.

The ingredients we use, the packaging materials we choose and our unique and sophisticated way of creating these products will definitely leave an unforgettable impression to your valuable guests.

Let’s work together and provide the best and such a memorable experience to your valuable guests.