Addis Ababa, Sep 29, 2020 – In a significant step towards improving healthcare waste management in Ethiopia, Novel Industrial Groups, a renowned leader in innovative waste solutions, has successfully installed the country’s first-of-its-kind privately owned medical waste incinerator. This milestone achievement marks a significant advancement in sustainable waste disposal practices, ensuring safer and more environmentally-friendly handling of medical waste across healthcare facilities.

The state-of-the-art medical waste incinerator, developed by Novel Industrial Groups, incorporates cutting-edge technology and advanced pollution control mechanisms. Equipped with efficient combustion systems and stringent emission control measures, the incinerator surpasses industry standards, mitigating potential environmental hazards while prioritizing public health.

Mr. Biniam Mengistu, CEO of Novel Industrial Groups, expressed his excitement about the successful installation, stating, “We are proud to contribute to Ethiopia’s healthcare infrastructure by introducing this groundbreaking medical waste incinerator. It is designed to adhere to the highest standards of environmental protection while providing efficient and effective waste management solutions.” This innovative incinerator not only ensures the complete destruction of medical waste but also harnesses the heat generated during the process to produce clean energy. This energy recovery feature aligns with Novel Industrial Groups’ commitment to sustainable practices and resource conservation.

The installation of this medical waste incinerator is expected to have a profound impact on the healthcare sector in Ethiopia. Proper disposal of medical waste is crucial to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, protect healthcare workers, and safeguard the environment. The incinerator’s capacity to handle various types of medical waste, including biohazardous materials, provides a comprehensive solution for healthcare facilities throughout the country. Government officials and representatives from the healthcare industry have praised the initiative taken by Novel Industrial Groups. They emphasized that, “The installation of this advanced medical waste incinerator is a milestone achievement towards improving healthcare waste management in Ethiopia. It will play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens, as well as preserving the environment.”

Novel Industrial Groups plans to collaborate closely with local healthcare authorities to facilitate training programs on proper waste segregation and management. By raising awareness and providing comprehensive waste management solutions, the company aims to foster a culture of responsible waste disposal throughout the healthcare sector. With the successful installation of Ethiopia’s first-of-its-kind privately run medical waste incinerator, Novel Industrial Groups sets a new standard in healthcare waste management, underscoring their commitment to public health, sustainability, and technological innovation.

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Biniam Meskela